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My husband who passed away at 40 years old from a cocaine addiction was never around for our kids... we owned 2 businesses and I worked as a manager for wal-mart, working many, many hours to keep a roof over our heads because he at times had a 8 to 9 thousand dollar a week habit!!  I finally put him on the road and he died soon after with nothing.  A pitiful way for someone who had that much intelligence to allow themself to fall!!

I was left with our 3 children, his daughter from a previous marriage, a granddaughter, and a friend of my oldest daughter who was being sexually abused at home and her mother wouldn't do anything about it... although I made decent money, times were tough keeping all the bills paid, kids in clothes, and all the other necessities, food...

Today, each and everyone of those kids know exactly what I did for them and how I sacrificed my life for them.  None of them asked to be brought into this world and I knew it was MY job to take care of them.  They are grown and on their own now.  I now have a total of 7 grandchildren and I am 44 years old... wow huh??  Yes my husband was older than Me.

I have also been in your position, where I "tried" to help friends in need, more than once and only ended up getting stabbed in the back, used, etc... I finally learned that I can only help those willing to help themselves.  I was no longer going to allow things to be taken from my kids for the sake of me helping someone else... my kids came first...

I am now disabled and am living off of less in a month than I was used to making in a week.  Everyone one of those kids would do anything in the world for me now... that is my payment...

Hang in there and know that things can and will get better... the system sucks, I know... I never could get any help from them and can't now... so I don't even try...

I guess what I am getting at is... I had determination, I found friends and family that were willing to help keep a watch over my kids as I worked my butt off to move higher and higher within my job... I started out part time, within 3 weeks was offered full time and within 1 year was assistant manager, and within 3 years of assistant management had my own store.  It is possible... the only regret I have is not getting to spend a whole lot of time with the kids as they were growing up... but they understood what I was doing and why... and they appreciate that!!

I do hope everything works out for you...

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I know what you mean.... But I was hoping that he would be wiling to grow up knowing that, I put myself on the line for them.

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Hello how are you well i hope i just needed to talk with someone about your story and how you became the stress of not being able to afford to live Iam a mother in need to keep her child in a safe loving home iam working two jobs and still cant catch up can you call me and tell me what i should do any advice will help Anesha 12963175416

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Not to sound mean or anything, but  honey, you are in no position to help someone who is not working... you have you and your son to think about... my first question is... if these "friends" aren't working, then why are they not keeping your child while you work???  It don't make sense...

My answer is to send the friends packing... and worry about you and your son, ONLY!!   



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